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All-in-one virtual care

Using a convenient, FDA-cleared telehealth device kit, paired with your smartphone, you can conduct multiple, clinically-accurate physical exams wherever and whenever you want. Provide clinicians with the information they need to swiftly provide you support, when and where you need it.

Say goodbye to limitations friction hassles bottlenecks inconvenience

Elevate your telehealth experience with round-the-clock access to physical exams via Nonagon’s convenient end-to-end solution. Save time and empower your healthcare choices by reducing friction with your unique schedule, lifestyle, and family situation!

Time saved. Money saved. Tranquility gained.

How it works

Medical Exams

Conduct up to 9 medical exams from anytime, anywhere

Virtual Visit

Speak with a US-certified clinician without driving or waiting

Personalized Care

Get a diagnosis, treatment plan, and/or prescription in just minutes

Find peace of mind with the Nonagon Care Kit

Take medical exams for the entire household


Stethoscope & Thermometer


ConnectCare Membership Plan

  • $7.99/mo. (cancel anytime)
  • Order the Nonagon Care Kit now for a 90-day free trial
  • Your membership allows you to share results with anyone

Access US-certified clinicians with our Virtual Care Visits

  • Adult visit: $39 | Pediatric visit (age 3 -17): $49
  • Soon to be available for age 6 months

Nonagon Care Kit

Take medical exams for the entire household



or $19.99/mo. for 12 mo.

Clinician Testimonials

Firsthand accounts of Nonagon's transformative power

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing & Purchasing

$239.99 See below for more details about the ConnectCare membership to have an open connection to telehealth clinicians.

Yes! The Nonagon Care Kit can be paid for in 12 monthly installments of $19.99.

It’s simple. The N9<sup>+</sup> pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Additionally, you should have access to wireless internet connection.

The Nonagon Care Kit

The Nonagon Care Kit includes the multisensor device, a wireless otoscope, 3 reusable adult specula, 3 reusable toddlers specula, a tongue depressor, a USB type-C charging cable, two AAA batteries, and a carrying case. It also includes access to the mobile app (iOS & Android).

Using the Nonagon Care kit allows patients to conduct 9 essential medical exams in primary and pediatric care without having to leave their homes or disrupt their busy work schedules while still providing the clinician with accurate and reliable clinical data to make a more informed diagnosis. Win-win. 

Yes, as long as an adult above 18 is operating it. The Nonagon Care Kit is FDA cleared for ages 6 months and up other than the thermometer that can be used on patients aged 2 and up.
Please note that the ConnectCare monthly membership plan currently only offers telehealth care for children 3 years of age and older but will become available for children starting at 6 months of age in the near future. 

Absolutely! The NonagonCare Kit assists elderly individuals by helping them manage their own personal medical health. The user-friendly telehealth devices allow them to easily share objective clinical data from home, while avoiding exposure to non-hygienic surroundings while remaining safe and hygienic at all times. It can drastically reduce long waiting periods typical in non-emergency outpatient cases.


Usage & Medical Exams

The Nonagon Care Kit can help a physician diagnose many common conditions, including ear infections, sore throats, fever, cold and flu, bronchitis, upper respiratory conditions, abdominal conditions, skin conditions, bug bites, and allergies.

The Nonagon Care Kit is a 9-in-1 remote physical exam kit that includes a 

  • Stethoscope – to record heart, lung, and abdominal sounds
  • InfraRed thermometer – to check temperature
  • Otoscope – to examine the inner ear, throat, and mouth
  • Oximeter – to take pulse and check oxygen levels
  • And also interfaces with your smartphone camera – to photograph the skin 

The Nonagon App guides you through each physical exam in a user-friendly process. Once recorded, your clinical data can be shared with a clinician.  

Yes – you can use the Nonagon Care Kit anytime 24/7 for testing purposes. 

Yes, you can perform 9 medical exams using the Nonagon Care Kit for your entire family ages 6 months and up other than the thermometer which is only for 2 yrs and up. However, to have access to Virtual Care Visits (see below) and to be able to share your exam results with others, such as your family physician or a loved one, you’ll need to sign up for the ConnectCare membership.

Yes, the Nonagon Care Kit is user-friendly for adults of all ages. Its simple setup process and dedicated app, available on both iOS and Android, support self-administering tests easy and reliable.
To use the Nonagon Care Kit, you just need a smartphone and basic familiarity with apps. The user manual and app instructions provide guidance. You can also ask your physician for tips during live sessions.

Membership & Virtual Care

The ConnectCare membership plan allows you to 

  1. Share your physical exam results with whomever you want, such as your physician or loved ones
  2. Have a Virtual Care Visit with a US-certified clinician. See below for details and fees.

Please note: the cost of your ConnectCare membership only allows you to send outgoing communications through the Nonagon app; each Nonagon Virtual Care Visit comes with an additional fee.    

The membership covers your entire household. No strings attached. Cancel anytime.

Yes, for all ages starting at 3 years old. Coming soon, the ConnectCare service will be opened up to children of 6 months and up.

Yes! Nonagon’s ConnectCare service has clinicians who are certified across all 50 states, ensuring access to healthcare professionals nationwide.  

$7.99 per month. The purchase of your Nonagon Care Kit comes with a free 90-day trial.

Each Virtual Care Visit is a separate expense (see below).

Once you register on the Nonagon app, you can join the ConnectCare monthly membership within the app. The first 90 days of membership are on us. After that, it’s $7.99/month.

Virtual consultations with our healthcare professionals are 

  • $39 for adults ages 18+ 
  • $49 for children 3*-17

*Coming soon: services for ages 6mo.+

Technical Support

Yes, see more info here.

Nonagon puts the patient’s peace of mind first and adheres to strict privacy policies. All of your personal information, examination results, and doctor’s correspondence are encrypted and stored in our HIPAA-compliant cloud-based system. Access to your health information is restricted and can only be shared at your discretion.

The Nonagon Care Kit works with the following:

  • iPhone 8 and above running IOS 11.0 and above with a minimum of 2GB RAM
  • Android 8.1 and above with a minimum of 4GB RAM

Here is a list of smartphone models that are known to not be compatible with the otoscope:

  • Vivo Z6 5G
  • Xiaomi Mi Note 10
  • Huawei Mate 40 Pro
  • Motorola One Zoom
  • OnePlus 8 Pro
  • Sony Xperia XZ2
  • Sony Xperia XZ2 Prem
  • Sony Xperia XZ3
  • Google Pixel 7

It’s simple. The multisensor device pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and the otoscope connects via its wireless network. Sending exams and meeting your physician for a live session can be done via wireless or cellular networks.


We’re happy to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact us by phone at +1 (855) 666-2871 or by email at

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