Comprehensive Solution for Remote Healthcare

Nonagon elevates telehealth closer to the in-clinic visit than ever before

By expanding telehealth technology, Nonagon transforms the way care is delivered and received for patients, physicians, payers and institutions.


Patients without leaving the comfort of their home, patients wish to provide clinically relevant data to their physician to receive a timely and accurate diagnosis.


Payers experience cost savings as a result of improved care management and follow-up care and are therefore interested in partnering with Telehealth technologies.


Physicians require a convenient and accurate way to collect patient data and offer a diagnosis and treatment plan which best suits the patient


Institutions need a hybrid-system architecture which simply and seamlessly integrates with their proprietary healthcare system

Simple, integrated and accurate Telehealth solution


On-demand 9 physical examinations allow for confident diagnosis and treatment plan


Improved telehealth triage & more efficient primary and pediatric care makes the process more optimal for patients & providers


A convenient and accurate process for patients, leads to higher satisfaction and more effective care.

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