NONAGON Announces Series A Investment Funding Round Led by BIG Capital in Conjunction with New Chairman

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The new funding and leadership will support ongoing efforts to connect patients with their primary care physicians, through an affordable, direct-communication interface with clinic-grade physical exams, from the comfort of home

CAESAREA, February 07, 2022 — NONAGON, an Israeli startup with a remote examination device for primary care, today announced the realization of its Series A investment funding goal. This round was led by new investors, BIG Capital, a leading multidisciplinary group with a presence in South-East Asia, Europe, and North America. Nonagon was originally founded in 2016 by Shiri and Nir Raz.

In conjunction with this new turning point of funding, Nonagon welcomes Josh Ghaim, Ph.D., as Chairman, Board of Directors. Ghaim has a successful track record in the healthcare technology space and has partnered with Nonagon in the past in the role of Ignite Venture Studio’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner. Prior to Ignite he held the role as global Chief Technology Officer, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products.

In the coming stages, Nonagon will be focused on expanding its presence and increasing sales in the US. This round of funding will make it possible for Nonagon to enhance the telehealth experience for hundreds of thousands of patients in the near future. The market potential for an affordable, handheld medical device that brings medical care to consumers wherever they are, is theoretically limitless—especially considering the fact that the NONAGON solution works with the consumer’s smartphone, making it significantly more affordable and user-friendly than other solutions in this space.

The uplift from BIG Capital comes at an opportune time in Nonagon’s lifecycle as it positions itself within a health industry that craves technologies showing potential to make the process of healthcare more efficient and convenient for providers and patients. Consumers are busier and more tech-savvy than ever before, and, along with the new norms created by the pandemic, the stage is set for businesses to help consumers receive the care they need by helping physicians raise the bar higher while also being confident of the diagnostics. 

“We are pleased to welcome Josh Ghaim, Ph.D., Ignite Venture Studio Co-Founder & Managing Partner to Nonagon as Chairman, Board of Directors,” said Nonagon CEO Alon Natanson.  “Josh’s successful track record in the healthcare technology space will help to amplify the success of Nonagon, making it possible for hundreds of thousands more patients to conduct remote medical visits and examinations.”

Josh Ghaim added, “My passion for leveraging technology to provide access to quality healthcare and the vision for Nonagon’s technology are aligned in delivering top-notch healthcare options for patients. Joining as Chairman following a successful financing round is an honor and I look forward to contributing my skills to help patients have the best medical options from the comfort of their own homes.”

Inbal Arieli, a top Israeli tech influencer who led the round, commented on BIG Capital’s goal, saying, “With an exceptional team and diverse capabilities across the globe, our goal is to help our companies supercharge their vision and provide support throughout their lifecycles. We are genuinely excited by the potential Nonagon has to completely rethink healthcare for the betterment of humanity. Imagine a future where anyone, anywhere in the world can get a hold of high-level medical care. That’s the direction we’re thinking in, and it all begins with making these services available to more and more people.”

About BIG Capital
BIG Capital is a leading multidisciplinary group with a presence in South-East Asia, Europe, and North America operating in the fields of healthcare, energy, telecom, space, and more, led by Mr. Vu Quang Hoi, Vietnamese business mogul and successful visionary. The Israeli activity, BIG IL led by Inbal Arieli, represents accumulated experience of over three decades in the Israeli tech ecosystem and assists Israeli technology companies in building successful ventures, from early stage to growth and scale.

About Ignite Venture Studio
Ignite Venture Studio builds and identifies companies that are disrupting the digital health and beauty sectors and supports these challenger brands to help them grow and thrive. Importantly, Ignite is focused on powering women and minority-led ideas and companies with a sustainability angle by providing them with an unfair advantage in resources, capability and access to the world’s best suppliers and manufacturers.  The company was founded by seasoned CPG veterans with a unique infrastructure approach positioning these companies for continued success. The team has a proven history of building some of the world’s most iconic brands around the globe with an unsurpassed focus on consumer experience and category expansion in the health and beauty space. For more information, visit

About Nonagon
Nonagon is a fast-growing medical company, with offices based in Israel (HQ) and the United States. Nonagon seeks to make digital medicine accessible to the community in the fields of family, chronic, and pediatric, and is pursuing that by introducing new digital enhancements and creating new opportunities for better patient care. For more information, visit

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An old version of the Nonagon device inside of a gym bag

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