MyHomeDoc Announces Rebrand as NONAGON

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Today, medical start-up MyHomeDoc announced that its brand name will from now on be known as NONAGON. The new branding will begin effective immediately on all products, digital assets, and communications worldwide..

The NONAGON name refers to a nine-sided polygon. In a literal sense, the NONAGON name alludes to the nine physical exams that the N9 device can conduct in conjunction with a regular smartphone. Additionally, the NONAGON brand name symbolizes the inner meaning that is ascribed to the number nine throughout the world, which, in many cultures and traditions, is regarded as a numeric conduit for personal fulfillment and spiritual and physical good fortune.

The nine physical exams that are conducted with the NONAGON N9 device enable telehealth providers to raise the bar higher. The medical-grade patient exams, conducted remotely, help to increase physician confidence in remote diagnosis, and, moreover, allow patients and physicians to follow up and monitor the patients’ ongoing clinical measurements—an advantage that can help confirm the chosen medical pathway.

NONAGON’s N9 device is FDA cleared, CE marked and approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health (AMAR).  For patients, the device is compact, cost-friendly, and easy to use along with the associated smartphone app. For physicians, NONAGON makes it possible to make clinical decisions remotely based on clinically valid data. For Health Care Systems, NONAGON makes it possible to reach out to more patients and make healthcare more accessible to everyone, everywhere.

“The company was founded in 2016 with a dream to elevate the telehealth process and make it more accessible for everyone. As part of that vision, the N9 device was developed to be simple-to-use, yet robust, financially efficient, and state-of-the-art,” according to CEO Alon Natanson, “the new NONAGON brand aligns with our core values and motivations that include giving patients and physicians the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are in control by adding validated clinical data to their telehealth experience. We believe that NONAGON’s potential to make healthcare more convenient and accessible is the innovation for which the telehealth industry has been waiting.”

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